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Poisonous animals
Cnidarians (Jellyfish, Corals and Anemones)
Venomous fish
Hymenopterans (Bees, Wasps and Ants)
Sea snakes
Terrestrial snakes
Miscellaneous animals

Distribution of miscellaneous animals



Marine environment




Species of medical interest:

Pacific area, Caribbean, Australian coasts, northeast coast of USA. Possibly other areas


Seaurchins and Starfishes

Species of medical interest:

Indopacific area, Red sea, Caribbean, tropical and subtropical Atlantic coasts of South America and Africa


Bristle worms

Species of medical interest:

from tropical to warm oceans and seas. Atlantic coast of the USA/Canada and Norway, New Zealand


Cone shells

Species of medical interest:

Tropical zones of the Indopacific area, some also in subtropical and temperate zones of the Indopacific Oceans




Species of medical interest:

Blue ringed octopus in coastal waters of Australia (including Tasmania) and Southeast Asia





Fresh water (see also catfishes and seasnakes (Hydrophis semperi and  Laticauda crockeri)


Eastern Australia, from Cooktown to Tasmania.









Beetles that can cause skin lesions are found worldwide

Caterpillars and moths

Species with urticating hairs are distributed throughout the world from tropical to temperate zones.


Systemic envenoming, including fatal cases known from Lonomia sp. in Brazil, South America. Similarly severe cases of envenoming have been reported in Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru




Worldwide, from tropical to temperate zones. Main area of distribution of the potentially dangerous Scolopendridae in tropical zones.

Tick paralysis


Tick paralysis has been decribed in:


North America: USA and Canada

Central America: Mexico

Europe: England, Spain, France, Greece

Africa: Algeria, Somalia, South Africa

Middle East: Israel

Far East: Russia



Beaded lizards

Southwestern USA (far southwest Utah, far southern Nevada and southeast California, Arizona, far southwest New Mexico)

Western and southern Mexico, Guatemala