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Poisonous animals
Cnidarians (Jellyfish, Corals and Anemones)
Venomous fish
Hymenopterans (Bees, Wasps and Ants)
Sea snakes
Terrestrial snakes
Miscellaneous animals
North America
Mexico and Central America
South America and the West Indies
North Africa, Near and Middle East
Central and Southern Africa
The Far East
Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia
Australia and the Pacific Islands

Distribution of terrestrial venomous snakes

Select your current world region and subregion.



Literature to distribution


Occurrences in
NW the Northwest
N the North
NE the Northeast
W the West
C central areas
E the East
SW the Southwest
S the South
SE the Southeast
X most areas
? unclear
Selection mode
Elapids Pit Vipers
See also separate distribution charts for various Colubrids of lesser medical importance.

Distribution tables