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Tropidolaemus spp., Temple pitvipers

formerly genus Trimeresurus


  • 1. Tropidolaemus huttoni
  • 2. Tropidolaemus laticinctus
  • 3. Tropidolaemus philippensis
  • 4. Tropidolaemus subannulatus
  • 5. Tropidolaemus wagleri


The genus Tropidolaemus was previously included in the genus Trimeresurus (Gumprecht et al. 2004, Kuch et al. 2007, Vogel et al. 2007).

See also Trimeresurus (Craspedocephalus) sp. for detailed discussion about the revision of the genus Trimeresurus.


Serpentes; Viperidae; Crotalinae

Common names

Temple pitvipers

  • 1. Hutton's pitviper
  • 2. Broad-banded temple pitviper
  • 3. South Philippine temple pitviper
  • 4. North Philippine temple pitviper
  • 5. Temple pitviper


Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. See link "Distribution" at the top of the page for detailed information.


Predominantly arboreal. Tropidolaemus wagleri frequently in shades of yellow and green, speckled, with dark cross bands.


Local effects after bites from T. wagleri are described. See clinical entries in Trimeresurus (Craspedocephalus) sp.

Literature (biological)

Gumprecht et al. 2004, Koch 2008, Kuch et al. 2007, Vogel et al. 2007


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