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Leptomicrurus spp., Slender coral snakes

Clinical entries

For clinical data see section “Risk” below

Formerly genus Micrurus



  • 1. Leptomicrurus collaris
  • 2. Leptomicrurus narducci
  • 3. Leptomicrurus renjifoi
  • 4. Leptomicrurus scutiventris


L. scutiventris formerly = Micrurus karlschmidti.

Slowinski (1995) re-integrates the genus Leptomicrurus (Slender coral snakes: L. collaris, L. narducci, L. renjifoi and L. scutiventris) into the genus Micrurus (new species: Micrurus collaris, Micrurus narducci, Micrurus renjifoi and Micrurus scutiventris). -> see Micrurus spp.


Serpentes; Elapidae; Elapinae

Common names

Slender coral snakes

  • 1. Guianan slender coral snake
  • 2. Andean slender coral snake
  • 3. Ringed slender coral snake
  • 4. Pygmy slender coral snake


South America. See link "Distribution" at the top of the page for detailed information.


See Micrurus spp.

Literature (biological)

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