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Hemibungarus calligaster, Barred coral snake

Clinical entries

For clinical data see section “Risk” below

formerly genus Calliophis


  • 1. Hemibungarus calligaster


The genus Hemibungarus (including the single species H. calligaster, formerly Calliophis calligaster), together with the genus Sinomicrurus, are now termed "Asian coral snakes". 


Serpentes; Elapidae; Elapinae

Common names

Asian coral snakes


  • 1. Barred coral snake


Philippines. See link "Distribution" at the top of the page for detailed information.


According to recent findings, Hemibungarus calligaster appears to be more closely related to mambas, kraits or the king cobra than to the Asian and New World coral snakes (Calliophis spp., Sinomicrurus spp., Micrurus spp., Micruroides spp. and Leptomicrurus spp.).

Literature (biological)

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