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Tropidechis carinatus, Rough-scaled snake

Clinical entries


  • 1. Tropidechis carinatus


The status of a new species, T. adlieri (Hoser 2003), is doubtful.


Serpentes; Elapidae; Elapinae/Hydrophiinae

Common names

  • 1. Rough-scaled snake, Clarence river tiger snake


East Queensland and northeast New South Wales, isolated population in northeast Queensland. See also link "Distribution" at the top of the page for detailed information.


  Map 40  Tropidechis carinatus



Tropidechis lives in wet forested areas and scrub, where they mostly hunt at night. These snakes are also not uncommonly found in low scrub and bushes, which is unusual for elapids. Of the Australian elapids, the genus Hoplocephalus is the only other that is arboreal, and rarely tiger snakes (Notechis sp.).

With a body length of under 1 m, the fangs are relatively long (up to 5 mm). Tropidechis is very aggressive when threatened and even under slight provocation will strike fiercely and repeatedly.



Tropidechis possesses only small quantities of venom and, compared to the most dangerous Australian species, the venom is only moderately toxic. However, there is one documented fatality.

Literature (biological)

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